Friday Shortlist

Friday Shortlist

By October 30, 2015 No Comments

Image courtesy Bjoern Arthurs

Hi All!

Happy All-Hallows’ Eve Eve. Enjoy this week’s carefully curated shortlist of everything I’m enjoying or pondering:

  • Standing desk bandwagon: I’ve officially hopped on. Which was much easier since I was already standing. But seriously, I made the classic $22 Ikea standing desk and have tested it on and off this week. Of course, there are naysayers. Sitting is still my primary mode of working, but I’m phasing in standing. Maybe I need to try this: Desk Level 100.
  • Purchases I’m enjoying: Polar H7 HR Sensor – because those dang activity trackers with HR sensors typically don’t provide an accurate enough real-time heart rate for my taste. Syncs with a bunch of apps you probably already use to track workouts.  Amazon Prime: just get it already. You won’t regret it. They have to be losing money on the stuff they ship to me alone.
  • My favorite subscription service: Blue Apron. Want 3 meals delivered for free? I’ve got 5 invites – first come, first served. Let me know!
  • Fun / interesting articles: This map of each state’s most-Googled Halloween costume is scarier than Halloween itself – Illinois, why “Slutty Pumpkin”??. Happiness Isn’t the Absence of Negative Feelings – great overview / reflection on the positive psychology movement. The punchline: “We’re not happy when we’re chasing happiness. We’re happiest when we’re not thinking about it, when we’re enjoying the present moment because we’re lost in a meaningful project, working toward a higher goal, or helping someone who needs us.” How To Conquer Your Biggest Work-Related Fears – not that you have any, but just in case.
  • Quote that has shaped my mindset: “Think big, start small, but just get going.” – Marketo company motto.

How about that chilling Nosferatu movie promo poster courtesy of Canadian / Atlantan illustrator Bjoern Arthurs?

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