Friday Shortlist

Friday Shortlist

By November 6, 2015 No Comments


It’s finally Friday: here’s my shortlist of what I’ve loved or found interesting this week.

  • Album I’ve been listening to on repeat: Sufjan Stevens’ latest: Carrie & Lowell.
  • Purchase I’m enjoying: MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle. – it’s tiny but it forces me to get up and move around to refill it.
  • File this under both Stuff I Want and Why Didn’t I Think of That?: on the theme of proper hydration, this water bottle tracks how much you drink and turns color when you need to drink more.
  • Articles that made me think: What the MI6 Looks for in New Recruits – apparently James Bond would never have made the cut. Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress explains how emotions are contagious, and how to prevent catching negative emotions. 5 Presentation Tips From CEO Keynotes At CES – great advice on storytelling for any sort of presentation you need to give.
  • Quote that has shaped my mindset: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” – Albert Einstein.

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P.S. I’m addicted to this website called FatWallet – no strings attached cash back on stuff you’re gonna buy anyways.